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Food Safety Information


Current Menu 

Food Service - Harper Creek Community Schools

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Food Allergen List for Menu Items

Is the Food Industry Doing Enough to Control Allergens? | Food Safety News

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Storage-Handling-Preparation Instructions



Food Storage


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Handling Instructions for Large Produce




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"Eat Safe Food After

a Power Outage"

Tip Sheet

Before a power outage, keep appliance thermometers in your refrigerator and freezer.


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COVID-19 Specific

Shopping for Food During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Information for Consumers


Food Safety:

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Shopping Tips:

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Quick To-Do's for Our Menu Items

  • All items need to be eaten within 2 days after thawing. Our products DO NOT contain preservatives.
  • Read the Storage-Handling-Preparation Instructions above.
  • Eat perishable items first and prepared foods before frozen foods.
  • Check expiration dates/best by dates.



NLMUSD Nutrition Services is not responsible for food once it has left the district pickup site.

We follow strict standard operating procedures to ensure the safety of your child's food.